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Lindos village
Lindos village

Lindos is situated 55 Km south of Rhodes town on the east coast of Rhodes Island in Greece. It is near Turkish coast. The Rhodes Island is third largest in Greece in the Dodecanese of Aegean Sea. It is no one the greenest Islands. Lindos is an archaeological site; it has a large bay and faces the fishing village of Haraki. The acropolis of Lindos overlooking the spectacular harbors and beach was fortified by Greeks, Romans, the Byzantine, Knight of St John and the Ottoman in it's a very long history starting perhaps earlier than 10th century B.C. The Lindos village appears to be just out of a painting.
The Acropolis of Lindos one can see parts of many old buildings including the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia which dates back to 300 BC where one can see table of offering and base of statue of Athena; The Propylaea of the Sanctuary dating 4th century BC; the Hellenistic stoa with 42 column is 87 meter long; relief in rock of Rhodian Trireme (warship) at the foot of the rock steps leading to Acropolis and the Hellenistic staircase. There are also remains of the Roman temple dedicated to Emperor Diocletian dating 300 AD. The Castle of the Knights of St John built around 1317, one of the towers in southwest corner and west are still there. The Greek Orthodox Church of St John dating 14th century AD was probably built on the ruins of an earlier 6th century church. Some of the seen of the epic movie "Guns of Navarone were shot here. There was a major "restoration" work carried during Italian occupation from 1912 to 1945 which modern archaeologist do not approve. The means of transport is donkey.
Lindos Village is a beautiful landmark preserved to ensure that village remains traditional and its history and scenic beauty is not spoiled in name of modernization. The village has white washed building, narrow cobbled alleys which has no vehicles. At night the village bars and taverns make your visit more enjoyable. Panagia church in Lindos village is a must to see for hundreds of Byzantine style frescoes. The Byzantine Church of Virgin Mary of Lindos is worth visiting and so is tiny Chapel of Angios Paulos, which is right near the sea making it a beautiful sight.
The beach is long and lined with hotels, resorts, apartments and eating places. You will find sun beds, umbrella, food and music on the beach. Pallas Beach is relatively quieter with fewer crowds. There is all type of accommodations to suit all kind of taste and budget. The Island is one of the most popular vacation spot in Mediterranean with months from March to October as high tourist season. The Lindos offer all kind of water sports. The Lindos bay is surrounded by hills and temperature tend to be high. Rhodes Island can be reached by sea or air. There are restaurants, hotel, and bars serving all kind of food whether you like Greek food, French or Chinese. Lindos has good night life with bars, pubs, tavern and discos. Lindos vacation is a life time experience.

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